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Yes, I am Goth.
I know that is one of the biggest sins in Gothdom to admit to, but oh well.
It is one of the things that Goths do that I don't really agree with.
And that is what this page is all about.
The things that i like that are Goth, and some of the stuff that is that i don't.
If you don't know that much about Goth and would like to learn, i would advise going to
the Dark Side of the Net.
It will give a better overall picture of what it is all about than i care to do here.
I hope you all enjoy,
if you're Goth then just complain about how this page could have been so much better if you had done it.

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Is ODK Goth?
NO. That is the simple answer. The longer answer is... "we don't really consider ourselves Goth, but at the same time we don't really take offence to being called Goth by Goths. It is very much an compliment and we take it that way." We don't want to become like alot of the bands in the scene who spend thier entire careers denying that they are. Of course I'm not naming names (the cure, Sisters of Mercy, and Bauhaus).
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Pumpkin GOTH LINKS Pumpkin
Go here to make your very own Darkly Gothic Poem.
DeathJester's Lunchbox
When Your Best Just Isn't Good Enough
The Gothic Cooking Page Gothic Martha Stewart

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Pumpkin GOTH TOPICS Pumpkin

175 Types of Goths
What does it take to be a Goth band?
come in and find out what i think.
What does it take to be a Goth band?
More on the subject, but from someone new.
The Perkygoth Manifesto

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i got a message on the ODK voice-mail asking why you can't vote on whether or not ODK is Goth or not. Well it is pretty obvious if you actually read the section pretaining to that subject matter. We aren't Goth, and we never will be. Some of us may like it, but that doesn't mean we are. It is kinda like Depeche Mode, they are liked by some Goths but they aren't. They have an album or two that is dark, but so do Garbage and they aren't Goth. So the long and short of it is we aren't Goth and you can't vote on it, SO GET OVER IT!

another message today, from the same anonymous caller, asking "what does it take to be a Goth band?".
So I've added a bit to the site in an attempt to answer that question. 'Cause honestly i don't really know.

a message about what makes a song goth again.
but this is from someone new. and it came as an e-mail. so please keep those comments rolling in. Thanks. ^*^

haven't had any feed back in a while...
boo who who, no body loves me
how goth...

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